Powerful Breakthrough Session

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No dating problem is too big, I've heard them all before. 

Discover what is holding you back, how to boost confidence, tap into the male psyche and inspire a deep loving connection with your man.

I tailor a unique solution for you. My methods are powerful and every effective.

Online Dating Profile Makeover

Want to attract an abundance of the kind of men you're interested in?

Like it or love it everyone is online dating.  In fact in 2015, a whopping 51% of single adults have tried online dating and consider it a viable option as opposed to just 25% in 2010. that's doubled in 5 years!

Did you know that 1/3 or married couples met online and thousands of new people join online dating everyday! 

Online dating is your opportunity to connect with unlimited single eligible men. 

I'll show you how to target eligible men and attract them to you!  You'll also learn the biggest online dating mistakes and why women fail and how to avoid them!

Exclusive Husband Project

This is your only opportunity to work with me one on one. 

If you want to attract, meet and marry the man of your choice this is for you! 

My exclusive Husband Project is a life changing transformation. I'll guide you all the way. I'll help your boost confidence and learn the secret attraction strategies most women will never know about men. 

I'll show you how you can create a deep connection with your man that triggers him to fall in love and want to commit to you and only you. 

Yes, even the commitment phobes, suddenly want to be your forever man.

I'll also get you connected with the greatest industry experts that consult to the celebrities so you can look like a goddess and feel like a goddess. 

I'm talking the works! You'll whole life will transform! 

This is a strictly application process  spaces are limited and I only work with women who are genuine and want real results. My techniques are proven and incredibly powerful with men and must be used for good only. 

You will experience an amazing transformation in love and as a result you will improve all aspects of your life. I'll help you with finding love and as a bonus get you connected with world leading experts so that you can bring out the best in you!

Apply now, I only have a limited number of spaces for 2018.

Get The Results You Want Quickly By Working With Me 

Fashion Styling  and complete wardrobe makeover

Celebrity brow stylist

Clean Slate Intensive (CSI) to get a fresh start in dating and relationships

Bespoke husband hunt calendar 

Letting go of the past with a dating detox

Discover the 4 types of men based on scientific personality profiling and learn who is best suited to you.


Behavioural profiling, work out your personality type 

Healthy mindset and beliefs to get results.

Tap into your feminine energy and attract more men

 Make Men Commit Comprehensive Program for commitment

Learn seduction techniques and how to boost confidence

Body language that drives him crazy for you!

PLUS I will introduce you to the best industry gurus so that you can have the best advice in all aspects of your life. Once you have graduated I point you in the right direction for the other areas of your life.

“I was married for 35 years, when my married suddenly ended. My husband had an affair with a younger woman. It left me with no confidence and I had no idea how to speak to men let alone date. 

I thought that was it. Then my friend introduced me to Samantha, she transformed my life. We worked on my confidence, transformed the outer me and inner me and within a month I had my first date.

Samantha was like a true friend to me. She introduced me to Don and we have been going strong now for 6 months. He is my soul mate and I've never been happier!"

"I met my soul mate"

Jenny, 56 Nurse

“Samantha Jayne, you are a super star!! I can't believe it. I've been online dating on and off for 5 years and getting average results and attracting average men!   

Within 24 hours of my new profile makeover going live I had doubled my hits with incredible men! Men that I've always wanted to attract but never could!  I've loving the attention, and getting out there. 

It's so nice to have ample choice. I know this time round I'm the one in the power seat. Bring on men!!! Mr Right is around the corner!!! 

"My new online dating profile had doubled my hits!!"

Kelly,  33 Blogger and Entrepreneur 

"After my breakthrough session I found LOVE!"

“During  my breakthrough session with Samantha Jayne, I realised the whole time I'd been in relationships I was self sabotaging. I was repelling men because I was pretending to be strong when really I wasn't.  

I went back to my boyfriend and opened up about how I was feeling. He melted and became a changed man. Our relationship transformed and he became the man I always wanted. 

We are going stronger than ever and expecting a baby in March.

Samantha Jayne is a scientist turned LOVE Guru.

In 2005 Samantha established Blue Label Life, a professional matchmaking and introduction service exclusively to professional singles looking for love.

Apart from having a successful business Sam regularly appears on talk-back radio, television and several advice columns offering relationship advice to the nation!

The fresh and honest approach Sam brings to the world of dating advice is great attribute that allows people to bring out their inner goodness within and find true love.